lunes, 6 de julio de 2009


¿Se os ocurre alguna letra para esta imagen?

miércoles, 1 de julio de 2009


Calm these hands before they
Snare another pill and
Drive another nail down
Another needy hole
Please release me...

A Perfect Circle - Gravity

viernes, 5 de junio de 2009

La Seu

Holy Mother of the simple one

When you smile at me you bring me down
You betray your thoughts
All your prayers too low

Now out of debt, you speak in tongues
And out of bread, your work is done
And your dream, absolves
And your path, dissolve

And your dream, absolve
And your path, dissolve

Steven Wilson - Insurgentes

miércoles, 3 de junio de 2009

martes, 26 de mayo de 2009


lunes, 25 de mayo de 2009

martes, 19 de mayo de 2009

From Darkest Skies

I am not innocent
You are not innocent
Noone is innocent

Tool - Intolerance

sábado, 16 de mayo de 2009


domingo, 15 de marzo de 2009

lunes, 9 de marzo de 2009


And when the day arrives
I'll become the sky and
I'll become the sea and
The sea will come to kiss me
For I am going home
Nothing can stop me now

Nine Inch Nails - La Mer

Passing Bird

I'm the evidence
You passed the test and that's so good for you
O love will you read the letters I will send to you
Will I come along
Will they let me out to take the test
O love is the score enough for me to pass the test

Katatonia - Evidence

Night Lights & Speed

(Paseo Marítimo, Mallorca. 2009)

domingo, 22 de febrero de 2009

Mikael Åkerfeldt

Esta foto no me la tengáis muy en cuenta pero, por motivos obvios, es realmente especial para mí. Es del concierto de Opeth en Barcelona, el pasado 2 de diciembre. La saqué con la compacta pero creo que quedó bastante resultona.

La cascada

(Orient, Mallorca. 2009)

viernes, 20 de febrero de 2009

Façade II

In spite of all the refinements of civilization that conspired to make art - the dizzying perfection of the string quartet or the sprawling grandeur of Fragonard's canvases - beauty was savage. It was as dangerous and lawless as the earth had been eons before man had one single coherent thought in his head or wrote codes of conduct on tablets of clay. Beauty was a Savage Garden.

"The Vampire Lestat", Anne Rice.


Vampires pretending to be humans pretending to be vampires ... How avant-garde!

"Interview with the Vampire", Anne Rice.

Puesta de sol

The water so warm that day
I was counting out the waves
And I followed their short life
As they broke on the shoreline
I could see you
But I couldn't hear you

Porcupine Tree - Anesthetize


lunes, 16 de febrero de 2009

Flor d'ametler

domingo, 15 de febrero de 2009

La Cartoixa

.......... habitaré un
maravilloso claustro
en el más hermoso
lugar del mundo....."

Frédéric Chopin

martes, 3 de febrero de 2009

Temporary Peace

(Orient, Mallorca. 2009)

Gatito callejero

Always the summers are slipping away
Find me a way for making it stay

Pocupine Tree - Trains

domingo, 1 de febrero de 2009


(Orient, Mallorca. 2009)

Falling Tree

My blaze travel the last universe
Like the sights of magic
Wrapped in aeons
My mind is one with my soul
I fall alone
While leaves fall from the weeping trees

Opeth - The Forest of October

(Foto: Orient, Mallorca. 2009)

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